Boston’s Community Gardens

I have garden into community gardens here in Boston Massachusetts. having organized a community garden in my past I was quite impressed with the amount of community garden space in Boston and the number of gardeners.


just an end of season photo

Boston has 150 active community gardens. Created from vacant or unused land by residents, these gardens vary in size and use. They span from communally-maintained pocket parks to gardens of separately cultivated vegetable plots serving over 10,000 people – school children to the elderly, new comers to longtime residents, singles to families.    to
As a community garden owner, Boston Natural Areas Network (BNAN) preserves open space, and provides services including garden ownership, land management and open space stewardship, and serves as an information and educational clearinghouse. Boston’s community gardening system, supported with adequate garden infrastructure, volunteer garden leadership and garden support groups such as BNAN, are a proven sustainable approach to actively growing fresh and healthy food in Boston. For more information, visit or call 617.542.7696.