Elliott and Associates


I had the great pleasure of working with Elliot and Associates Architects this summer as I was filling in for an acquaintance of mine who was on vacation.

Elliot and Associates specializes in Salvation Army projects. I did some light office work including email correspondence for them while their regular office assistant was in Ireland.

I was reminded of how I wanted to be an architect when I was a child. I enjoyed being in an office environment and commuting there each day. I was happy that it was flexible and accommodated my existing commitment to teach at Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

What impressed me most about my time there was how much research is done before a plan is even proposed. I was also unaware of how much correspondence goes back and forth before and after a project is underway.

I took Cora to the subway and then along the route home I inquired about getting the car oil changed came back and got the car to the oil change and got copies of keys made.